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All command-line tools print detailed usage information when invoked with parameter --help.

Online Support

System Requirements


Download the zipped package and extract it to a destination of your choice. Then start any of the tools from the command line, e.g. by running mcsta -? (on Windows), or mono mcsta.exe -? (on Linux and Mac OS).

External Tools

The following external tools are required for full functionality:

prohver expects to find phaver-32 or phaver-64 in the same folder where prohver.exe is located. mosta tries to automatically find the required executable file, and reports an error if this fails. In that case, you need to provide the path to dot manually in the configuration file Externals.defaults. Typical contents of this file on Windows might look like the following (you need to adapt this to your specific system setup):

  "dot-path": "C:\\Program Files\\Graphviz2.26.3\\bin\\dot.exe"